Devastating Fire in Casco Viejo

March 30, at approximately 8:00 pm a fire started in the building located on 9th Street, La Terraza, San Felipe (Casco Viejo). The Fire Department needed support from other units, as the firemen had problems with water supply. The Director of the Fire Department also said they had a hard time accessing the fire due to narrow streets and improperly parked vehicles.


Two people have been confirmed dead and another 4 missing. Angelina Romero, 64, died in transit to the hospital, she had jumped from a high story trying to get to safety. Her 17-year-old daughter Angelina Flores died in the fire. Of the 4 missing, 2 are adults and 2 are children. (Panama-Guide)

UPDATE: During a search and recovery effort 4 bodies were found, bringing the total number of fatalities to six. The total number of families left homeless is 48. Authorities from the Public Ministry have asked relatives of those reported missing to go to the Judicial Morgue today.

Expats in Casco Viejo are working together to help families who have been affected by the fire. Donations of clothes and food are being collected at Tantalo Hotel, and cash donation at Super Gourmet by the owner, Blayne Ladner. If you are not in Panama City and would like to make a donation to help the affected families Paypal transfers are being made to Michelle North at