Ever get confused on when to use Ser vs. Estar?  As you know Spanish has two verbs for "to be".  Actually there are three.  The other is Andar.  But don't worry about that one for now. ESTAR is used to indicate condition, location, or the mood of a person:  Take a look at these examples:  

Location:  Where are you?-Donde está (usted)?  I am in the kitchen- (Yo) Estoy in la cosina.
Condition:  How are you?  Como está?  I am fine-Estoy bien.
Mood:  They are happy- Estan feliz. We are sad- Estamos tristes.

SER is used to indicate permanent situations:

I am tall- Soy alto.
She is my wife- (Ella) es mi esposa.
They are from Panama'. – (Ellos) Son de Panamá.
The house is white. - La Casa es blanca.

Notice some of the subject pronouns in parenthesis.  They usually are not used next to conjugated verbs unless the speaker wants to really emphasize the subject. 

Using Ser and Estar in conversation may at times be more difficult than the above examples.  But just remember the basic rules and you will be fine. 

Hope this helps!

Philosophy of the Day:

Panamá is a perfect place to learn Spanish.  But you won't learn
it by just being here.  Take advantage!


Hi, my name is Fred.  My background in Spanish is a year in high school
(long ago) and the last seven years taking private lessons almost daily, in
the States and in Panamá'.    I am not yet fluent, but maybe I can pass on
to you some tips to help your Spanish learning experience.