Learning Spanish -Tip # 3

This is the third in a series of tips for learning Spanish brought to you by Word for Word providing translations and language classes to this community (6786-0854).   Learning Spanish can seem daunting, even unattainable!  These tips are designed to ease your fears and build your understanding of Spanish:   Tip #3:  

The letters C and G each have soft and hard sounds depending on the vowel that follows them.  The rules for determining hard or soft are the same as in English:  the consonants are hard when followed by A, O, or U and soft when followed by E or I.



Hard C (like K)  Soft C (like s) 
 camino   celoso
 coco cielo 




 Hard G (like Go) Soft G (like H) 
 gabinete general 
 goma girafa