Introducing Wellness Therapist Toni Munoz

A physiotherapist is a health care professional that can diagnose, treat, and prevent physical injuries.  With a vast knowledge of movement and function, a physiotherapist can reduce pain and stiffness,

and help with movement disorders that could be the result of injury or aging. 

One of the best things a physical therapist can do for a patient, is help prevent further injury or aggravation by listening to their needs and working on a plan to treat the condition.

Toni Munoz is a physical therapist. She is an advanced practitioner in lymphatic drainage, Myofascial release, Craniosacral and massage therapy. She’s also a Reiki master, and a certified personal trainer. 

While her qualifications are a mouthful, what they mean, beyond years of training and practice, is that Toni is able to offer specialized treatments for injuries, ailments and overall wellbeing. By pulling elements from each discipline of her training, Toni develops a custom plan to suit her client’s needs. For many implementing that plan is a life changer.

Helping people has always been Toni’s calling. Even as a young girl she knew she wanted to study to become a physical therapist. With that goal in mind, Toni spent her free time at the local hospital helping out in various departments throughout high school.

After graduating from one of the best PT (physical therapy) schools in the United States, Toni worked as a PT in several hospitals, specializing in physical rehabilitation. She went back to school to specialize in sports medicine before taking on the position of director at a small hospital in Illinois. It wasn’t long until Toni wanted to get back to what she enjoyed most, working with people.

Opening a successful physical therapy practice in Sedona, Arizona. Toni was once again able to bring her skills together to help people deal with chronic pain, injury and recovery.  However after eight years of developing the business, she grew tired of the bureaucracy and paper work the job entailed. Finally, she decided it was time for a change.

This year, Toni closed her practice in Sedona and moved to Panama. She brought with her a few personal belongings, her massage table, and her two miniature poodles Porsha and Bentley. After getting familiar with the beach community, and adopting her third dog Lexus, Toni built a home in the Azura development.

Toni and has quickly become well known in the community, as there are few people like her at the beach.  One such person is Karyn Saunders. When we asked Karyn how Toni’s treatments have helped, she told us: “Toni is absolutely fabulous! She is Thorough, super knowledgeable, and the best physical therapist I have ever had… and I’ve had a few!”  Karyn was not the only community member who praised Toni. We spoke to several other people, many who use Toni weekly for massages and treatments. The overall response was that Toni has brought a service to the community that is in high demand. 

Toni offers a free consultation, so if you have any questions about what she can offer don’t hesitate to give her a call at (507) 6030-7365