Locos Panama Walking Group in Coronado

Panama's warm, sunny days provide the perfect setting for an active lifestyle. A nice long walk is a great way to take advantage of the weather and do something good for your body at the same time. Walking at a brisk pace burns calories and tones the legs. It elevates your heart rate, giving you a cardiovascular challenge and lowering bad cholesterol along with your risk of heart disease and diabetes. As a weight-bearing activity, it helps strengthen your bones and maintain healthy joints.


And it's good for your mind, as well! Studies show that regular exercise reduces the risk of dementia and is as effective as a drug in cases of mild depression (not that we have anything to be depressed about around here!). If you feel low on energy, a good walk is better than a shot of caffeine.   

But how to stick with a walking habit? It's tempting after a long happy hour or a big meal to sleep in or relax at home on the couch.


One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to make your friends do it for you.

That's why Locos Panama has started Locos Living: Walk the Walk, a walking group for those who want to get active, have fun, and make new friends in our beach community.

The first walk was held on February 28. Participants met near the entrance to the Equestrian center and walked past the Coronado International School. A special treat was waiting for them at the turnaround point, and they swung by Cafe Viana for a cup of coffee on the way back.

The next walk will be held on Friday, March 28. Each walk will feature a different route (along with various challenges or surprises) so this time walkers will meet at the entrance to Coronado Bay at 8:00am.

There is no cost and no pre-registration required for participants; all you need is a good pair of walking shoes and your fun-loving attitude! Consider wearing sunglasses or a hat, as well. Each guided walk lasts about an hour, and participants are encouraged to challenge themselves but walk at a pace that is comfortable for them. The walks end with some gentle stretching.

For more information, see www.facebook.com/LocosCoronado, or email amanda@locospanama.com