Beach Kids to Participate in City Triathlon

This year Panama Pacifico will host a kid’s triathlon on March 16 in Panama City. The event consists of cycling, running and swimming. Organized by Panama’s Triathlon Union, the event encourages a positive, healthy attitude towards physical activity, and builds confidence in a family friendly atmosphere. Gavin Barclay, beach resident and student at PCIS, has participated in triathlons before in his home country Canada and was looking for the opportunity to compete in Panama. Gavin’s enthusiasm sparked an idea for Karyn Saunders, triathlete and Gavin’s swim instructor, why not offer the opportunity to participate in the upcoming city triathlon to kids at the beach? Karyn sent out an email to parents with kids in her swim class, great response was received.

Currently Karyn is coaching her swim class, and they are doing great! Not only are they skilled swimmers they are quickly developing talents on the bike, and running. The event is open to kids from ages 6 – 15 below are the distances for each age group.

6-7 year olds: 25 meters swim, 1km bike, 100 meters run

8-9 year olds: 100 meters swim, 5km bike, 1km run

10-11 year olds 150 meters swim, 10km bike, 2km run

12-13 year olds: 300 meters swim, 15km bike, 3km run

14-15 year olds: 500 meters, 15km bike, 4km run

The Triathlon will open for registration in March. When registration is open, we will update this article to include where triathletes can register.