Training for the Coronado Extreme Triathlon

Yesterday Playacommunity set out to the Coronado Bay to watch athletes Charla Armstrong, David Bayliss, Karyn Saunders and Will Franco, train for The Coronado Extreme Triathlon. It was the crew's last day of training before the sprint triathlon, which will take place this Sunday in Coronado. We asked the group how they were feeling after their final training session: “We push each other and compete with each other", said Charla. "I wouldn’t have been as ready for this triathlon if for not this team.” The enthusiastic participants seemed most encouraged by the groups dynamic.   “I’m excited to be doing healthy things with my friends.” Said Karyn. This unlikely bunch have enjoyed training together so much that they are already speaking of future triathlons.


David spoke to some other perks of getting fit such as feeling healthier, and getting added attention.

We wish Daivd, Will, Charla & Karyn along with all the other athletes participating, good luck in Sunday’s Triathlon! PlayaCommunity will be on site to capture some of the action. Come out and join us and cheer your community on!

The Triathlon will be leaving from the Coronado beach club at 7:00 a.m.