5 Uses for Coconut Oil

This delicious, healthy, and useful oil is easy to find in its pure organic form in Panama’s Pacific beach area. With hundreds of different uses for Coconut oil, it is clear why people are packing it into their pantries, medicine cabinets, beauty bags and first aid kits. 1. Healthy Skin – Coconut oil is a common ingredient in lotions and moisturizers. Rubbing oil on dry skin can help alleviate inching and flaking. With antiviral and anti fungal properties Coconut oil can also fight against skin troubles like athlete’s foot, ringworm and eczema. 2. Hair care – Coconut oil is an anti-frizz serum and deep conditioner that leaves your hair with a lovely shine. Caution with application, however, use too much and your hair will end one step beyond shiny…greasy. 3. Massage oil – This natural oil, smells great and is the perfect consistence for massage oil. The thick liquid is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

4. Make up remover - Coconut oil is great for removing make up. Many removers contain alcohol and harsh properties that can irritate the skin. Coconut oil washes away make with ease, leaving skin smooth and clean.
5. Weight loss – Despite a bad rep for its high saturated fat content, in moderation, along with a healthy diet, coconut oil is believed to encourage weight loss. Coconut oil is healthier than it appears. The fats in Coconut oil, called medium-chain fatty acid or medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) have been said to lead to weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism.
Lets not forget, cooking! Coconut oil can be used in variety of curries, stir-fry’s, pastries and baked good. It can even be used for popping popcorn.
With so much going on for it, it's certainly worth giving this wonderful oil a second and a third chance.