More exercise means less colds

Fit tip #11 - Getting Healthy at the beach in Panama with SunWave Fitness. More evidence that physical activity is worth every minute you spend committing to it! Here we are nearing the end of January so it's probably a good time to bring up another good reason to stick with your New Year's resolution if it was to increase your physical activity. According to the Weill Cornell Medical School Fitness Advisor, being fit decreases the frequency and severity of colds. People who are more physically active have fewer and milder upper respiratory tract infections (URTI, also known as the common cold). Researchers from a study tracked the respiratory health of 1,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 85 for a 12 - week period. 

Participants who were physically active five or more days a week reported having URTI symptoms 43 percent fewer days than those who reported being active on one or fewer days per week; the severity of symptoms reported by the most active participants was 31 percent less than the least active participants.

So that is another good reason to be physical active 5 or more days per week because if you are, your colds will likely be less severe and last fewer days than if you don't exercise regularly that number of times each week.

altHappy exercising!