Drink Better Tasting Water

In the article posted on the Panama Pacific Community News by Karyn Saunders on 2 December 2009 titled "Water, Water y Mas Agua!! ", Karyn points out that you need to hydrate yourself with water. Are you drinking enough?  What kind of water do you drink? There can be significant differences in the waters that are available to you.

Bottled water is very popular, but is a poor choice because of the plastic waste, carbon footprint and expense.  You can filter your own water inexpensively and put an end to carting those bottles home. Which type of filter to usE depends on your water.  Most filters found in the stores use carbon.  These remove or reduce chlorine which is most responsible for making municipal water smell and taste bad.  The brita filters, although popular, are the most costly to operate over time since the cartridges don't last very long.  Larger countertop or undersink filters do a good job.  Reverse Osmosis is what the bottling companies use.  It produces excellant quality water.  It differs from the carbon filters in that it also reduces Total Dissolved Solids.  Those are mostly ionized salts that are naturally found in the water.  Well water taste may be improved with the same filters, but it should first be tested.

You will be more likely to drink the water that your body needs if it tastes good and you know it's safe.


John July
Level 6 Certified Water Specialist and
Certified Installer with the U.S. Water Quality Association.
He is the founder of Water Solutions, incorporated in 1996, with over 2100 customers in 49 states and 13 countries.