Ventisquero Syrah Classico 2005

The Syrah grape made its name in the Rhone Valley of France but in recent years the Australian vineyards have produced   a vast array of Syrah ( called Shiraz down under) which has taken the wine from a relatively elite wine to affordable levels. Syrah is produced in all the main wine making countries of the world.  The Syrah wines are deep in colour. usually robust, and vary widely in flavor.  The Syrah grape also blends well with other grapes and is used frequently in Meritage (a blend of grapes) wines.

Our wine taste today is Ventisquero Syrah Classico 2005  $4.63 from Rey.

The Ventisquero Winery is widespread throught Chile but this wine comes from the Colchagua Valley which has been described as the “Next Napa Valley”.  “Wine Enthusiast”  in 205, named the Chalagua Valley “one of the most successful regions”

Comments ( from 2 regular red wine drinkers and 2 infrequent wine drinkers )

Very Fruity and hearty.

A good drink, not too strong in tannin but good flavor,  for my taste

A bit too rich although I like the fruitiness

A good wine at the price but probably enjoyed more by the red wine drinker.