Bay View Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a great dining experience that includes a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean with the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore and the warm tropical wind blowing through the open doors then you must try the Bay View Restaurant in El Palmar.  One of my favorite restaurants to take our visitors to, so they can experience the West Coast Beach area and to show them why we love living here! Bay View Resort & Restaurant is located about 11 km past Coronado. You will come to the little town of San Carlos and the turn-off for the restaurant is just after you pass through San Carlos.  Keep looking to your left and you’ll see the sign that reads “El Palmar” and Bay View Resort (The road you turn on is across from Carlito’s Restaurant – (another restaurant review for later)). Turn left and keep this road ‘til the end, you’ll see another sign that reads Bay View, turn left again and there it is! The restaurant and bar are located in a large “bohio” where you can watch the ocean while enjoying your meal or you can sit outside, on a terrace, that overlooks the beach and ocean.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were greeted, warmly by a waiter and while he set-up our table for 10 people, we had drinks on the outside deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Coronado, Punta Barco and San Carlos.  What a great way to end the day, relaxing by the ocean drinking a glass of red wine.
The menu has a full range of items from soup & salads, entrées and desserts.  Tonight I decided to try the “Corvina al Coco con salsa de Maracuya” (Sea Bass with a coconut crust served with passion fruit sauce). One word – Delicioso!  My husband, Dwight, had the “Olla de Marisco” (pan of shellfish) this was a large bowl with a very flavorful broth filled with all kinds of shellfish and seafood.  There was plenty of shrimp, octopus, white fish and clams.  There is enough in this dish for 2 people and Dwight after eating for 30 minutes only consumed ½ of it, shared samples with the rest of the table.  Our meals came with a garden salad but other accompaniments cost extra.  The service was good and we were well looked after by our waiter.
The prices have increased in the past year, as in most restaurants in the area, but the food and the service is good.  The price for the Corvina al Coco was $12.50, the Olla de Marisco was $16.50 and a baked potato was $2.50, we brought our own bottle of wine so our total bill came to $29, with our jubilado discount.  If you haven’t been there “try it, you’ll like it”.