El Cevichito Bar Review

It’s Friday night, the end of a busy and stressful week and I don’t want to travel 80 kilometers into the city to have some fun. Luckily El Cevichito Pub Bar is the Pacific Beach weekend party spot where one dance to some good tunes, run into a few friends, grab a few cheap and cold beers and be entertained. El Cevichito Pub Bar is located on the Pan American Highway in the direction of Panama City once you leave El Rey. The bar offers two different atmospheres. An air conditioner bar where discotheque music is played almost every Friday and Saturday, and an outdoor bar with a juke box where you can choose the music you want to listen to. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, avoid the weekends and visit Monday to Thursday. But if you want to dance, go Friday and Saturday. Be prepared for competition on the dance floor, as Panamaians are natural dancers.

On Saturdays, El Cevichito brings in entertainment and the place is packed. There are different kinds of shows. Tropical and rave DJ’s, reggae singers, and even strippers take the stage. Come early to get a table and avoid standing. Cover charge on Saturday is $3.00.

If you get hungry try a ceviche for $1.75. There is a variety of corvina, shrimp, black conch, octopus or quail eggs.  The national beers prices are: Panama and Soberana $0.50; Atlas y Balboa, $0.55. Imported beers (Hieneken, Corona and Miller) for $1.50. Bacardi and Ron Abuelo bottles for $12.00 and drinks for $1.50, Seco Herrerano drinks for $1.00. Finlandia Vodka for $15.00 a bottle.  Whisky Old Parr for $25.00 a bottle.

If you decide to visit El Cevichito Pub Bar, go with a friend and bring your own vehicle as taxis are unreliable and use an ounce of prevention with talking to strangers. This is after all, a bar.