QUOTE:  “Our bodies have five senses:  touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.  Not to be overlooked is the sixth sense...hunger.” ---Anonymous

As you enter Sesto Senso (interpreted as Sixth Sense) your senses are immediately aroused.  From the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, homemade baked bread, or the luscious fragrances coming from the kitchen; this restaurant certainly lives up to the name!  Sesto Senso recently opened in the space formerly occupied by Caracoles in the Machetazo Complex. 

What a refreshing and welcome addition they are.  You will be warmly welcomed by a congenial family team, who have created a wonderful Italian restaurant with culinary food gems that are “taste bud boggling.”  Chef Fabiano is the “Chief,” not only overseeing the kitchen, but also the entire bar and restaurant.  Chef is not shy; he usually meets and greets and frequently makes the rounds to his diners to make certain that they understand their food options or to check to see that his delicacies have met their expectations.  Nicolo is the Sous Chef, and although he is hard at work in the kitchen, he, too, likes to peek his head out to extend a welcome along with a big smile.  Nadia serves as hostess, barista, bartender, cashier, and waitress, if needed.  She is the mother-in-law of Fabiano.  Stephanie (Nicolo’s wife) serves as the efficient main wait staff, but also lends a hand with the coffees and duties in the bar.

The menu at Sesto Senso is unbelievably creative and so expansive, you could eat there several times a week and not duplicate.  They make their own pappardelle, gnocchi, bread, and sausage in-house.  Usually, Chef serves a complimentary appetizer; on one occasion we had black olive tapenade with sun-dried tomatoes.  Also complimentary is their homemade bread, which is accompanied by a thick, rich balsamic vinegar from Modena (which they also have for sale), olive oil, and Himalayan salt with pepper.  (Unique touches!)  Starters include prosciutto wrapped melon, beef Carpaccio with arugula, sausages with a wine sauce, sautéed clams, and salmon with grapes and escarole ($7-$10) to name just a few.  On a recent visit, Chef offered two soups:  a zucchini and a potato, which were not on the menu.  You have a choice of at least 10 salads, including:  spinach with beets, or eggplant, shrimp and tomato with mint, possibly asparagus with shrimp, strawberries and balsamic vinegar, and chicken, avocado and corn ($5.50-$7.50).

The main dishes are utterly fantastic.  Once again, we have a restaurant serving veal, the real thing.  I recently opted for the veal saltimbocca (with prosciutto, white wine, Parmesan, and sage).  The tender veal was cooked perfectly, with each bite a bit of heaven on my palate.  You can order veal a variety of ways, including with a white wine sauce, Marsala, truffle cream, and mushrooms ($14-$17).  They have included beef fillets, again with a variety of sauces (green pepper, truffle cream, port with caramelized pears, and mozzarella with tomato sauce).  These are a bargain at $17-$21, and we have heard diners rave about them.  In addition, there is a chicken cutlet with a cranberry sauce, several corvina platters, as well as salmon, tuna, and calamari.  (An experienced connoisseur friend of mine was extremely pleased with the tuna!)

Don’t forget the pastas!  Pasta sauce selections are numerous:  Bolognese, vodka, mushroom, Amatriciana, and pesto.  We tried the carbonara and arrabbiata, which were outstanding, and the portions were so generous, we enjoyed our leftovers for lunch the next day.  Lasagna and the homemade gnocchi shouldn’t be overlooked.  Pastas range in price from $9-$16.50.
If that’s not enough, Sesto Senso also creates amazing bruschettas ($2.50-$3.50), focaccias ($2.50-$7.50), and a variety of luscious pizzas ($7-$11).  Save room for the desserts, including panna cotta, tiramisu, and fresh fruit ($3-$5).  They have an ample bar and an interesting wine list (with many wines at only $16.50/bottle).  The cappuccino is rich and creamy.  I highly recommend that you go with a small group of your friends so that you can share several dishes to sample the sensuous flavors that Chef Fabiano and his family so carefully present.
Sento Senso is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m.-9:00 p.m.  You can make reservations at 6829-2957, e-mail: or web:
TIP:  Need to get rid of kitchen odors?  Eat out!

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By: Epicurious Em