Wine: Norton Merlot 2006

Everyone knows Merlot by name but it is only in the last 50 years that it has come into its own. It is grown world wide from Bordeaux’s right bank , to all three Pacific coast states, Argentina, Chile South Africa and Australia.  The Merlot grape tends to be high in alcohol and lower in tannin than Cabernets. French merlot comes from Bordeaux redion but as the French market their wines by region rather than grape it should be noted that not all Bordeaux wines are not merlots. A wine marked “Merlot” has by law to contain a definite percentage of the grape and this varies from 80% to 100% depending on state or country.

A wine taste today is a 2006 Norton merlot -- $5.39 from Rey

This is an Argentinean merlot from a winery founded by Sir Edmund Norton in1895 (now owned by Donald Hess of California) It comes from the state of Mendoza which is where most of Argentina’s vineyards are located.

Tasters Comments ( from 2 regular red wine drinkers and 2 infrequent wine drinkers )

- A little dry but not as tar as most red wines.
- A very good drink for the price.
- Not a strong nose but rich color and pleasant taste.
- I like it.

The Wine Taster