Healthy Food: Papaya Seeds

By: Epicurious Em Don’t toss those papaya seeds in the trash, in small amounts these little seeds can actually help rid your body of parasites. Papaya seeds contain a lot of proteolytic enzymes that help break down undigested protein in foods, riding the body of parasites and their eggs. Having a good level of digestive enzymes will also help the intestinal tract.

Now for how to eat Papaya seeds:
1 - Pick a small papaya. The smaller the fruit the better when it comes to eating the seeds, as the seeds of smaller papayas will have a milder taste. Larger papaya seeds have more of a bitter taste.
2 - Taste a couple seeds. It is best to try a couple of seeds first, not to overwhelm you taste buds and digestive system.
3 - Once your tummy and taste buds are used to the seeds (after about a week) try a full table spoon with honey!