6 Nice Italians Only in Restaurants

By: M StefanOne of the enjoyable benefits of being a wine writer is finding lesser-known suppliers and their handpicked offerings of wines. Recently, I received samples of 6 wines sold by Ferro Wine Imports.  Andreo Ferro is an Italian, living in Panama City, importing Italian wines. His wines are sold only in restaurants and hotels, mostly in Panama City.  So far, in the Pacific Beach area, there are only two locations I know of where Ferro imports are available. These locations are: Luna Rossa in Coronado, and Casa de Lourdes in El Valle. The 4 prices listed are from Luna Rossa’s wine list.

Giol Organic Prosecco $36.00, 12% alc. Italy
Very nice bubbly.  Pale color. Dry with good fruit.  Refreshing with hints of berries and pear.  Good clean and crisp finish. Drink with light appetizers, dessert or cheese.

Mediterraneo Borgo Passione Bianco  12.5% alc. Italy
Fresh, light white.  Nearly clear.  Mild nose of green apples.  Crisp finish.

Emozione Borgo Passione 12.5% alc. Italy
Not too complex. Medium red color, little tannin so it is very smooth. Nice quaffing wine.  Perfect for pizza.

2013 Famiglia Marrone Tartufo Bianco $36.00, 12.5% alc. Italy
Toastly, earthy nose.  Green apples, lemon, lime and other citrus. Perfect with a lunch eaten outside or a light dinner of fish or other seafood with minimal sauce.

Famiglia Marrone Tartufo Nero $36.00, 12.5% alc.
Dark fruit flavors, roses, prunes and earth.  Very flexible wine which will go with medium to full flavored foods. Easy drinking. Best Buy

2011 Famiglia Morrone Barbara d’Alba Carlot $45.00, 14% alc.  Italy
Deep purple color.  Berries, cherries, earth and wood. Nicely complex.  Perfect with a rich pasta sauce, grilled food, salami and other full flavored foods. Highly Recommended

M. Stefan has over 20 years experience in the wine trade and has traveled extensively throughout the wine producing regions of the world.  His column is a regular feature of La Playa Community.  He can be reached at mark@playacommunity.com and appreciates your comments.