Restaurant: Rincon Catracho

  Tried of same few restaurant choices? Want some good food but don’t know where to go?  This is the quest of eight friends (sometimes more), representing 4 different countries, who ventured out every Friday night for dinner.  Last week after appies, we were trying to decide where to go. We tossed around several places we had already been and then someone mentioned the “Rincon Catracho” in Gorgona. The only problem we have had before was the irregular hours of operation.  Someone in our group had their phone number, so we called and were told that the power was out but if it came back on they would be more than happy to serve the eight of us. So we took a chance with Union Fenosa and guess what? The power was up and running when we arrived 15 minutes later.

Rincon Catracho – 240-5807 – Gorgona – From the Pan-American Highway take the Gorgona turn-off and follow the road to Jonathan’s Supermercado. Turn right and go about 1 km (I think 2 speed bumps) you will see their sign on the right but you turn left and it is just down the road on the left.

This place is the quintessential “Mom & Pop” restaurant, with mismatched chairs, vinyl patio tables and plastic tablecloths.  We were the only ones there and we were well looked after by the “Mom”.   The menu is printed on a chalkboard and usually includes seafood that was available that day from the local fishermen.  They have 2 or 3 dinner specials plus the regular fare of chicken and beef dishes.  Tonight’s seafood was corvina plus she had 3 orders of jumbo shrimps left.

Our group ordered the Corvina a la plancha, the dinner special Pepper Steak, spaghetti bolognese and Fajitas de Pollo.  Since I was ask to do this write-up I got to sample each dish.  The Corvina was delicious, crispy on the outside and moist inside.  The Pepper Steak was tender, flavorful and the fresh cracked pepper added significantly to the taste. The spaghetti and the fajitas were average.  The meals included a small green salad, fresh veggies and your choice of fries, boiled potatoes with herbs or plantains.  As we have found in small family run restaurants, to keep costs manageable they don’t keep much inventory. This was very much the case when, after our first bottle of wine was empty, we ordered another one, only to be told that there was no more bottled wine.  Oh well, still lots of cervezas, sodas and agua.

The cost of the Pepper Steak was $11.50, the Corvina $5.55, the Fajitas $4.50 and the Spaghetti Bolognese $2.85. Cerveza’s were 65¢, soda’s 60¢ and the bottle of wine was $12.25.

We were told that they are usually open most weekends for breakfast from 8 to 11 AM and for dinner (I didn’t get the opening time). The Corvina is always a good choice at Rincon Catracho and it will be on our list of restaurants to take our family and friends to when they come for a visit.

Bon Appetite