Restaurante Benihana's

Many of you have probably been to a Benihana’s restaurant. If so then you probably enjoyed it and will be happy to know that one is now open in Multi-Plaza mall. In fact a Ruth Chris Steakhouse will open soon beside it as well. You will also be happy to know that the Benihanas here is just like all the others. They have the same red/black décor, comfy booths, and great food. There is some differences in the menu like a Panama Special of chopped steak but basically it’s the same menu. And don’t worry about inexperienced Panamanian cooks stabbing you by accident, the cook have been brought in from Peru and have at least a year’s experience with this style of cooking. 

They are open for lunch and have lunch specials from $9.50 - $15 if you want to try it out without spending a bundle. Benihana’s is not cheap but the food is awesome and the atmosphere exciting with the chefs throwing knifes around and starting things on fire in front of you. And the smell of the fresh ingredients cooking inches from your nose makes your mouth water.

For starters I tried the sushi sampler $8. It had 5 pieces of sushi, 2 tuna, salmon, shrimp, and another I didn’t recognize, maybe mackerel. Not a bad price and good quality. They also have vegetable tempura $4 and scallops $9 for appetizers.

For mains I had the Benihana special combo of steak & lobster for $29.95. Awesome. The Hitachi steak runs $16.95 and a seafood combo of lobster, scallops, and shrimps runs $29.95 as well. A main of chicken was $11.50 and shrimp about $16. All the mains come with mushroom/onion soup, salad w/ginger sauce and rice. You pay $1.50 more for fried rice and make sure you do because it’s awesome.

For wine, I tried the Navarro Correa - Tres Uvas which costs about $10 in El Rey and they charged me $29 for the bottle so they are making good money there.

If you have never been to a Benihana’s restaurant, then you should go for the experience. Children especially love this restaurant. Go early as they are very popular already and fill up fast. You can also make reservations by calling 302-6207 to ensure you have a table.

Again watch the bill as they add a 10% tip already for you.


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