Paraiso Restaurant

On the road to El Valle, in Las Uvas, is a new little bar/restaurant called Paraiso. Fast becoming known for live music and good food, owner Rose is excited to welcome you to her new venture. Playacommunity recently had the opportunity to visit there and check out their menu and like most expats we are always up for a new place to eat!


Restaurant Name:


Type of Food Served:

Traditional Pub style food


3km up the road to El Valle in Las Uvas, on the left hand side of the road.  

Hours of Operation:

Open 9:30am to 9:00pm Monday - Wednesday

Open 9:30am to  10:00pm Thursday

Open 9:30am to 12:00am Friday - Saturday

Open 9:30am to 8:30 pm Sunday 

Days Closed:

On Tuesdays and Wednesday 

Contact Info:

6613-0513 or 6835-1611, e-mail:




Rose Bourgeois

Open Since:

February 2010


Paraiso is a casual bar/pub like setting with lots of smaller tables both inside and outside. Silverware and paper napkins are used but no tablecloths here, it's very casual.  For their Sunday breakfast many prefer to sit under the private bohios outside the restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with many lovely murals inside by a local artist, giving the bar a tropical feel. The restaurant will easily seat a large party both inside and out. Washrooms are clean and private. 


No shortage of parking here! Plenty at the side of the restaurant, all fenced out. Yes there is wheelchair access!


The menu includes chicken, beef, seafood and finger foods. There are burgers, Greek salad, chicken wings, langostinos, corvina, club sandwich but no pasta or pizza. They do not offer a kids menu or delivery.


National Beer - $1.00  
Imported - $2.50  
Soft Drinks - $1.25
Juices - $1.50


Glass - $2.00

Castillo Diablo




Currently no corkage policy  

Main Meal Price Range:

Appetizers - $1.50 - $15.00
Main Dish _ Club Sandwich $4.40
                      Langostinos - $7
                      Greek Salad - $3.50
                      Sancocho - $3.00
Desserts _  Flan - $2.00
                  Ice Cream -   $2.50
                  Fruit -  $2.30


Paraiso is a great new bar not far from the beach community on the road to El Valle. At the moment they are in a “soft” opening and will have their grand opening sometime in the next few months.

The bar has a friendly atmosphere, good staff and is a  great place to go hang out for a beer and even a visit with Canadian owner Rose Bourgeois.

When my companion and I had lunch there recently we sampled several different items. I really enjoyed their bacon cheeseburger .Their fish and chips, more North American like, was also very good. But we both really enjoyed their fries and chicken wings. Paraiso makes fresh cut french fries, these are not from a bag and they are awesome! The wings were also a nice surprise, not greasy either.  I was pleased to hear that Rose is also working on being able to offer gravy with her fries soon.

The restaurant also offers breakfast everyday from  for only $5 including coffee or tea. They open at 9:30am for early risers. Think about stopping in the next time you are heading up to the market in El Valle.

Paraiso's prices are still very reasonable considering many local restaurants prices have been slowly creeping up. It is nice to know there is still some value for your money when eating out here. Rose is working on creating a spot for everyone to be able to hang out and catch up with friends, if you want to eat you can but if you just want to get out for the night, Paraiso is another great option to mix and meet with new people. Recently she has been offering live music and open mike nights and will continue to come up with other great ideas to keep her clients coming back for more!