Louis Eschenaur 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

Louis Eschenaur is a well known name in French wine and this cabernet Savignon comes from Pays D’Oc which is that area close to the Mediterranean and is at the south end of the Rhone Valley. This is a true Cab made 100% from Sauvignon grapes and has the expected blackberry flavor.  This Vintner produces a wide variety of wines and probably has less promotion of the Cab than many others, however the 2005 vintage has received good reviews and this vintage is also exceptional.

Our wine taste today is Louis Eschenaur 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon  $12.69  from Rey.

This  is a very smooth and definite flavor in the style of good Cabs.

A very easy drink that has good flavor without being overly robust
This is a slightly higher price than many available but is well worth that little bit more.
Very smooth with  fruity flavor and very easy to enjoy