Restaurant: Club T. Malibu Bar

You've drove past it and maybe are a regular. It's a dive of a place with a covered terrace with mismatched lawn furniture.  I would have never come here unless someone told me that the clams are great. Problem is that they don't have the clams at least half the time. Tonight they didn't have the clams or the octopus cheviche.

  So why continue to go there? There are two reasons. The two most important

reasons: the waiter and the food. Eduardo your mesero provides great service and the cook makes excellent food. All the ingredients (seafood, vegetables, etc. ) are fresh, all of the time. This is the reason I didn't have clams tonight. But when you get them, they are smothered in butter and fresh garlic. They use so much garlic that you will not get a cold for a month.

Tonight I had the shrimp Mediterranean. This dish is shrimp with nuts (bigger than pine nuts but smaller than walnuts) and a light red sauce. It's super tasty and you get 10 shrimps for $12.00. For Jamuna (the vegetarian) they make sautéed vegetables and a lentil soup with brandy. It's an awesome soup and I believe it costs about $4.00. Usually they make her a special veggie pasta that is cooked perfectly al dente with succulent vegetables.

The wine tonight is Santa Rita 120 and is not my favorite. Usually they have the Casillero Del Diablo which is close to the same price and much better for my tastes. You can also bring your own wine and they will uncork without a fee. Maybe they have flan for dessert, but tonight they didn't. Not a big deal as we were stuffed from the entradas and the main course.

Total is about $20 per person for entradas, main, and wine. Bring your own wine and save some money.