Montes Classic Series - Chardonnay 2007

Name:  Montes Classic Series – Chardonnay 2007 Style:   White wine Grape:  Chardonnay Region:  Curico Valley, Chile Price:  $9.95  General characteristics of this grape: The Chardonnay vine was once thought to have originated in Syria, arriving in Europe with returning soldiers during the Crusades.  One of the most widely planted fine wine grapes in the world, it is a conciliatory, reliable, hardy and potentially prolific vine whose only real vulnerabilities are to frost and uneven development of the fruit. Chardonnay is planted virtually everywhere in the world where it is warm enough for the fruit to ripen.

It is most commonly paired with roast chicken and other white meats such as turkey.. Heavily oak influenced Chardonnays do not pair well with more delicate fish and seafood.  Instead, these wines tend to go better with smoked fish, spicy southeast Asian cuisine, garlic and guacamole dips. 

Description of this particular wine:

The Montes Classic Series Chardonnay in a 2007 vintage  from Curico Valley in Chile is fermented  in 75% American Oak and 25% stainless steel barrels.  Its color is of pale golden green, and scent of buttery pineapple and tropical fruits. On the palate is a fresh fruitiness (some lychee and ginger) mixed with vanilla ice cream.

General comments from our tasters:

• Found it sour, raw and tart
• Musty, raw and harsh tasking and had a lingering unpleasant aftertaste
• 3 thumbs down, wont buy this one again
• Not very smooth, smells a little like chocolate.
• Found it of poor quality

General rating from our team:  1