Bodega Norton Malbec Mendoza 2007

Name:  Bodega Norton Malbec Mendoza 2007 Style:  Red wine Grape:  Malbec Region:  Mendoza, Argentina Price:  $5.90 General characteristics of this grape: In Argentina, Malbec is king in a country that is the world's fifth-largest wine producer, with almost 3,000 vineyards. The grape thrives in the arid, higher-altitude vineyards around Mendoza on the eastern slopes of the Andes, where the stark differences between day and night temperatures produce a thicker skin - resulting in a deep purple color and often characterized by hints of plums, licorice and pepper.

The Argentineans are mad on beef and Malbec is the ideal accompaniment to  steaks and barbecued beef. The lush fruity flavour would also be suited to game meats and sharp hard cheeses.  Some even say that this wine has enough oomph to be matched with Worcestershire Sauce based foods such as devilled chicken or kidneys.

Description of this particular wine:

This Norton Malbec is silky smooth and smoky. Very rich cedary taste. The tannins are discreet and the finish is long.  The Bodega Norton Malbec is a fine medium bodied red that drinks well upon release.  

General comments from our tasters:

- Three thumbs down, terrible!
- Tasted like harsh cough syrup
- Did not like it
- Smelled of Kerosene, raw and rough tasting
- Acidic and musky – tasted sour

General rating from our team:  0