Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio in Italy or Pinot Gris if you are in France is a grey grape that is best known in Italy although also grown in quantity in Alsace, Germany and Oregon. The Pinot Grigio is believed to be a mutant clone from the Pinot Noir grape which transpired in the 1300’s in Burgandy. It tends to be bolder and less acidic than other white grapes although if picked too early can be very acidic. Its colour is frequently referred to as being like straw although the Oregon Pinot Gris has a pinky hue. There has been an increase in the market for Pinot Grigio and it is moving up the volume ladder. It tends to be more successfully grown where the winters are slightly cooler which allows a slower ripening time, hence the possibility of being picked too soon. Our taste today - La Rime 2006

From the Banfi Winery in Tuscany, this is a Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio blend. The Castello Banfi vineyards were only started in 1984 and as such is a “new” venture and is located just to the north of the Montalcino hills which give great protection from inclement weather.


- A sharp taste not really to my liking
- Rich and full bodied, but a bit over the top
- I found I enjoyed it more after the first sip which was a bit tart.
- As a Chardonnay drinker I quite liked this wine.