Health Insurance Options in Panama

Panama’s healthcare system stands out for its affordability and quality, offering a viable option for those seeking to reduce their healthcare costs.

With a dual healthcare system, the public and private hospitals in Panama provide flexibility for residents and expats to choose the type of care that suits them best.

The same can be said for Health Insurance in Panama. There are a lot of great options available, that are affordable, especially when compared to the rising prices of health insurance in the U.S. The public healthcare system in Panama is particularly attractive due to its low cost, with no monthly fees or restrictions based on age or pre-existing conditions.

For those who prefer health insurance, Panama offers various plans that cater to different needs, including coverage for Panama only or international options. Health insurance approval in Panama is relatively straightforward, with affordable premiums and customizable deductible choices.

For over three decades, PLANMED has been providing comprehensive health insurance policies catering to individuals up to 75 years old. PLANMED offers policies that encompass medical and hospital services, including coverage for dental consultations, laboratory services, and emergency care. 

PLANMED offers personalized care and detailed explanations about healthcare plans in Panama and works with a network of highly recommended doctors and specialists in Panama. By working with PLANMED to create a customized health care plan, you can ensure a positive healthcare experience in Panama. And get the most of Panama’s healthcare including access to top-notch hospitals, medical facilities, specialists and affordable prescription drugs. 

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Health insurance options in Panama 

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