Do you call Coronado home? Consider registering with the Coronado Residents Association

Did you know that if you reside within the Coronado gates, you have the opportunity to register with the Coronado Residents Association at no cost?

This registration comes with added security benefits for participants.

So, who exactly is the Coronado Residents Association?

They are the dedicated group providing security, overseeing road maintenance, and disseminating community information within the gated Coronado community. By joining the association, residents gain access to the community through the automatic gate and can also promote their businesses in the local directory.

To register with the association or learn more about becoming a member, reach out to or call (507) 6142-2257.

Coronado Security Network

Coronado Security Network: Enroll in the Coronado Residents Association today to access their new security program for just $29.99/month. This program offers a range of benefits for Coronado families, including private patrols, triple security measures, video surveillance, and rapid response.

The Coronado Security Network is an exclusive service available to members of the Coronado Residents Association, providing a basic alarm system equipped with 24/7 surveillance for enhanced protection of your home and family.

Coronado Partners with Alarma 24 for Comprehensive Security: This year, the Coronado community and the Coronado Residents Association have teamed up with Alarma 24 to present a comprehensive security solution for Coronado.