Coronado: The Best community for families in Panama

Coronado Panama is the largest gated community in Rivera Pacifica, Panama’s fastest growing beach community on the Pacific Coast.

While Coronado first got its fame as a retirement destination, topping International Living’s Best Places to Retire, it’s also one of the best places for raising kids in Panama.

One of the main reasons why Coronado is the perfect place for families is that it has a great international school and family-friendly community. 

In this article we’ll talk about why more families are moving to Coronado Panama and give you our top tips for raising kids in Coronado. 

Including the biggest Coronado Hack for parents - How to obtain Coronado club membership with no upfront costs & no monthly payments. 

Why Families are choosing Coronado Panama

Located just over an hour away from Panama City, the Pacific Beach community of Rivera Pacifica has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. 

Not only is it a stunning coastline full of empty pristine beaches, the community offers city-like amenities.

Coronado Panama is the heart of Rivera Pacifica and it is unique in that it offers high quality education and health care, fast wifi, major grocery stores and a lot of amenities you wouldn’t find in a typical beach town.

With several large beaches for walking and surfing, dry forest hikes and some great spots for birdwatching, Coronado is also full of opportunities to get outside.

What is special about Coronado, is that families can connect with nature, without totally disconnecting from the rest of the world.

Here are a few more reasons why families are moving to Coronado Panama:

  • Close Proximity to nature and the ocean.
  • Close to Panama City & 1.5 hours from Tocumen International Airport.
  • Year-round good weather (Coronado is in the Dry Arc of Panama).
  • A more relaxed pace of life compared to raising kids in a big city.
  • A safer environment (Coronado is a gated community with 24/7 surveillance).
  • Access to high-quality medical facilities.
  • Ability to work remote or locally (Coronado has reliable Wifi to work remote and an economy that can support new businesses to open a business locally).
  • Coronado is the most centrally located gated community with access to clinics, grocery stores, banks, salons and specialty retail, mail services, gyms, pharmacies, markets, cinemas & more.
  • There is an expat community with many English speakers, there are also many bilingual Panamanians and foreigners from other countries who speak English and Spanish among other languages.  
  • There are growing communities around sports like Brazilian Jijitsu, CrossFit, Yoga, and Surfing in Coronado.
  • Playa Serena in Coronado is a great family-friendly beach for surfing and swimming.
  • Activities for kids like gymnastics, ballet, soccer, and art classes are Coronado and are offered in English and Spanish.
  • High quality bilingual education is available at Coronado International School (CIS)
  • CIS also offers activities like tennis and swimming at the club as part of their curriculum.
  • CIS families have access to all of the Coronado amenities.

Why Coronado International School?

Coronado International School offers high quality bilingual education in Coronado Panama from PreK to Grade 12. It’s no wonder CIS has become a vital tool for families living in Riviera Pacifica.

 Students can access world-class education facilities in Panama and connect virtually to continue their education in the case their family must travel abroad.

What is also special about CIS is that the school offers graduates the opportunity to obtain an international diploma through Calvert Education.

This is in addition to a diploma stamped and signed by the ministry of education of the republic of Panama. 

Since many families plan to continue education outside of Panama, this is greatly beneficial for CIS graduates.

Learning continues at home, within play, and in simple family moments. With this in mind, CIS offers all Coronado Club facilities as an additional benefit with enrollment. 

The diverse range of opportunities for children to explore, from tennis, swimming, golf, music and art, is unique to Coronado. 

CIS is a multicultural school with families from 18 different nationalities.

And with a highly qualified and dedicated Staff, CIS is committed to the growth and development of each and every student and their personal journey.