Do I need health insurance in Panama?

With the rising cost of Health Insurance in the U.S. and often long wait times for health procedures in Canada, many people are asking, what are the health insurance options in Panama?

Note: As of January 2022, Panamanian insurance companies will keep a record of vaccinations or a letter of exoneration in order to be approved for insurance in Panama.

While you are not legally required to have health insurance in Panama, there are a lot of affordable health care and health insurance options here, so it makes sense to be protected. 

For many, moving to Panama can mean significant savings on health-related costs, including both insurance and medical care. In Panama, health insurance costs are a fraction of what they are in North America, but what is important to note is that the quality of care available in most cases is extremely high. 

Panama has a two-tier health system, which includes public and private hospitals in its offering. Insurance, local or international, will cover you in most private hospitals.

Local insurance coverage in Panama 

Local insurance coverage works with a wide national medical network, which includes the vast majority of clinics and hospitals in the country, with the best specialists. Includes preventive medicine, 100% emergencies, hospitalization and consultations, maternity, laboratories, and x-rays. In addition, if there are emergencies abroad, many companies will reimburse you for the money used in that emergency.

International insurance coverage in Panama

International insurers have a wide medical network and a fast and efficient international service, which includes the vast majority of clinics and hospitals around the world, with the come of the best specialists. With international coverage, you can receive coverage like preventive medicine, 100% coverage on emergencies, hospitalization and consultations, laboratories, and x-rays. If you are interested in international coverage ask about travel service insurance.

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