Elephant Seal sighting in Coronado, Vista Mar and Bijao

Over the weekend an Elephant Seal was spotted in the Bay of Chame, in several locations including Playa Serena, Coronado by several surfers who were startled by the large animal in the shallow waters.

Residents of Vista Mar in San Carlos, and Bijao also reported seeing the animal not native to Panama.

According to NOAA " elephant seals are found in the eastern and central North Pacific Ocean, ranging as far north as Alaska, typically breeding in California and Baja Mexico."

According to NOAA, Adults return to land between March and August to molt, with males returning later than females.

There are no photos of the Elephant Seal in the bay of Chame. If you have a photograph or have seen the Elephant Seal in your area there is a Facebook thread following him:  Elephant Seal sighting

Photo source: NOAA Fisheries/Eric Boerner