Women’s Self Defence class in Coronado

September 17th Defence Club Coronado is hosting a self-defense class in Coronado. The course is open to women who want to learn skills to help increase alertness and reaction when in danger.

Defense Club Coronado aims to bring exercise to another level. By practicing a skill that can help you defend yourself you hold the knowledge you might need  (but hopefully never have to use), all while getting a great workout. 

Learn basic but effective technics, in a safe space with Teacher Barbara (jiu jitsu purple belt and 2 years of Krav Maga practice) and Teacher Billo (jiu jitsu brown belt and Level 1 Krav Maga practice)

The price is 35$ for guests and 30$ for members of the Coronado Luxury Suites and Hotel, and if you want to participate sign up today.  Reserve your spot in advance as there are limited spaces.  Be sure to bring comfortable clothing and a water bottle to the class. 

You can Whatsapp us yo 6430-7212 or 6676-0683