Car rentals in Coronado Panama

While renting a car is not the only way to get around in Panama... It’s by far the easiest way to travel in Panama. And with Active Auto Coronado, you can rent a car in Coronado Panama for less!

why renting a car in Coronado, is the best option for your stay in Panama:

If you are planning on being in Panama for longer than a week, having a reliable mode of transportation offers you the freedom to explore Panama! And, while car rental prices have skyrocketed in many places around the world, renting a car in Panama is actually still affordable, when you rent with a local rental company like Active Auto, a boutique rental car offering out of Coronado, Panama. 

By Renting a car in Coronado, Panama with Active Auto Coronado you not only gain access to the freedom of a rental car in Panama you do it without the hassle and price tag of renting a vehicle in Panama City. 

Here are 3 reasons renting with Active Auto Coronado is a great option for a reliable car rental in Panama: 

1) Renting a car in Coronado Panama allows you to skip driving in Panama City. Once you’ve bypassed this part navigating and driving becomes a lot less complicated. Since, Uber, In driver taxis and public transit are all easy to use in Panama City, you don’t really need a rental car for this part of the journey. Truth be told, most people prefer not to have one, as parking and traffic can often be burdens. Since Active Auto offers to send a driver to pick you up in Panama City from your hotel or the airport (An additional cost of $100), you can relax and enjoy Panama City without having to navigate it yourself. 

2) It’s common for major car rental companies in Panama like Thrifty, Budget, and Dollar to not include liability insurance in their pricing. While paying with your credit card could lower the price of collision coverage, you will need to pay liability insurance upfront. This information is not always relayed to you in the booking price, and when you arrive you might be told your credit card doesn’t cover it. Know that the minimum you will pay at the airport is about $30/day for something like a Kia Picanto. That’s another reason Active Auto is a great option. 

3) It’s basically a free upgrade. The smaller cars in the Active Auto Fleet are Toyota Yaris’ and midsized are small SUVs like Honda CRVs on the larger end Active Auto also has full-size 4x4 SUVs like the Toyota Prado. Their prices are also unmatched. Rent a Toyota Yaris for just $30/ day in Coronado Panama, or the full-size Toyota Prado for just $60/day. You can also save on your rental by booking multiple months with Active Auto, monthly pricing ranges from $600 - $1200 depending on the size of the vehicle and the number of months you’re renting for. For a special weekly rate mention this article. 

TIP: If you are flying into the Scarlet Martinez airport in Rio Hato Active Auto Coronado free transport to Coronado, Panama, or vehicle drop-off if you are heading to Buenaventura, Boquete, Playa Venao, or beyond. *Min 3-month rental some restrictions apply 

To secure your vehicle for your upcoming trip to Panama write or call / WhatsApp (507) 6881-3214