Where do I need to wear a mask in Panama?

Panama recently announced changes on the mask mandate, almost totally lifting it. However, there are still a few places you will be required to wear a mask in Panama. Here are some of those places.

According to the ministry of health, masks are required in classrooms, nursing homes, public transport, and all health facilities. 

However, there are some expectations. 

 While the Ministry of Education (Meduca) will use masks in schools, a plan can be developed by each school and implemented to gradually lift the use of the mask. 

With this, the ministry of education has made the use of masks in the classrooms of official and private educational centers optional. So each parent can make this decision for their child (in most cases). 

Although the mandatory use of the mask in open or outdoor spaces in Panama was eliminated by the Health authorities on March 28, it is still common to see people who choose to continue using masks in Panama, even outdoors. 

Don’t be surprised if you see people in the grocery store, banks, and government offices wearing masks . While it is not an obligation to wear a mask in these places in Panama, the government still recommends it.