Panama recognizing sustainable brands instead of fast fashion

Fast fashion is everywhere in Panama, but there are also many alternatives. La Estrella Newspaper spoke to a couple of designers in Panama that are offering truly unique and sustainable options.

Recently, La Estrella published, The Other Side of Fast Fashion an article that talked a lot about the downside of supporting the fast fashion industry. What was really great about this article is that it offers the upside of the story as well! In this case that was done by shifting the focus to sustainable fashion brands in Panama. 

Panama is full of artists and designers offering sustainable options in the fashion industry and beyond. So it is great to see these brands and the people behind them gaining recognition on a national level. 

One of the designers La Estrella spoke with was Andrea Villarroel, creator of Revoluta. See the new line on Kindlyshop here. 

Andrea told La Estrella, 

"Over the years I became aware and my lifestyle changed completely, I began to study the problem of overproduction and overbuying and the consequences it had on the environment and society."

Revolta’s new line is made with recycled materials, what’s more, the fabrics are a collaboration with local artist Insano, which makes them even more unique to Panama. 

La Estrella also spoke with Yanelit Ruiz of AKKUS.

AKKUS. is a company working with organic fabrics certified by the World Fair Trade Organization and the Global Organic Textile Standard, she explained: 

"We decided to undertake sustainable fashion because we saw the opportunity to introduce a new concept and new production model for the textile and fashion sector in Panama, one which is socially and environmentally responsible," explained Ruiz

As more awareness is raised about the fast fashion industry many are turning to the option of buying secondhand in Panama. 

secondhand culture in Panama

A great Pre-loved fashion option in Panama is Tropicool Vintage. Started in 2015 by Sacha Pytka, Sacha helped create a secondhand culture in Panama on a grassroots level. With a background in fashion design and a love for flea markets, Sacha continues to bring treasure from all over the world, to Panama. Shop Sacha’s finds at on Kindly shop. 

You can also do your own treasure hunting in Panama. You will find pre-loved items all over Panama hidden in stores all over Panama, but if you are in the Pacific Beaches or interior of Panama try Yajos & Cheaper.

TIP: Up your sustainability game by looking for natural fabrics that won’t break down into micro plastics in your washer over time.