The Conservation and Restoration of Art in Panama

Panama’s humid climate presents challenges when it comes to preserving art. Humidity contributes to the proliferation of fungi, termites, moths, and other insects that can be harmful.

That being said, there are ways to preserve and prevent deterioration. There are even techniques to restore art that is already damaged.

With the intention of sharing knowledge on the preservation and restoration of art, Coronado Frame and Graphics will be providing training in the Restoration and Conservation of art in partnership with specialist Jaime Caballero Luzcando, founder of the ACRP (Panama Association of Conservators, Restores).

A 4-week intensive Training on the Conservation and Restoration of Art in high humidity

Mr. Luzcando is very knowledgeable in the Restoration and Conservation of art and with 50 years of experience, he is able to provide a very in-depth detailed account of the process which is specific to Panama’s humid climate. 

The course will be presented in English and Spanish. 

It is divided into 8 topics that we will detail below:

- First week: Introduction to the different elements used in art. 

- Second week: Identification of deterioration in art.

- Third and fourth week: Physical examination of work, its decay, and its conservation proposal.

Class schedule:

The conference will be divided into 8 classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. The first class will be on Tuesday,  May 10.


Coronado Frame and Graphics workshop in the Plaza del Rincon del Chef



The training will include a certificate of attendance signed by the restorer


$100 per person. The seats will be limited, and a registration payment of $30 is required no later than May 2, 2022. The rest of the payment must be made on Tuesday, May 10, the start date of the first training.

The registration payment can be made at the Coronado Frame and Graphics workshop (in cash) or with a transfer to the savings account in Banistmo with the name Vicente Guzman and number 0114295042. For more information, you can send a WhatsApp to 67800605, call 389- 5773, or send an e-mail to