Surfing in Panama in 2022

Wondering when and where to go surfing in Panama in 2022? Panama is home to world-class surf breaks and with two seasons (Pacific and Caribbean), you can surf in Panama almost any time of the year.

Want to Surf in Panama? Panama’s Pacific Surf Season starts in April, so it’s a great time to explore the Pacific coast, because you’ll likely find waves. With a variety of beaches for surfing, Panama’s pacific coast offers surf spots for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. 

To find the right wave for you keep reading.

Not sure which wave meets your skill level? Chat with a surf coach on the Pacific Coast and get up-to-date swell reports and information on local surf spots in Panama. A surf coach is a great way for surfers to get to know the area and find out about upcoming swells, not to mention improve their surfing. The beginning of the surf season in Panama is a great time for beginners to get their feet wet. A surf coach can help make the most of your time in the water.

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While Panama is a known surf destination, swells on the Pacific Coast are not as consistent as in other areas of the world. What’s great about this is that there are fewer people surfing. This makes for good vibes in and out of the water. Panama is a beginner’s paradise, locals are friendly so long as you follow some basic rules. And there are a lot of family-friendly surf beaches and intermediate surf breaks to choose from.

When to go surfing in Panama 2022 

This year, the Pacific surf season in Panama started a bit late with the rain arriving in the Dry Arc in late April. Most years, the wind begins to die down at the beginning of April, with surfing in much of the Pacific Coast ramping up in mid-April. The swells get more consistent in June & July on the Pacific Beaches and are even more consistent further down the coast in surf towns like Playa Venao and Santa Catalina. 

Surfing in Panama, especially the Pacific beach area, typically involves some planning as waves are not as consistent as in other parts of the world. The most consistent and closest wave to Panama City is Chame Banks in Punta Chame, however, this wave tends to get heavy with larger swells. 

The most popular surf spots in Panama in 2022 (Pacific Coast Beaches) 

Surfing in Punta Chame Panama 

Punta Chame is home to one main beach break called Chame Banks, which is a pretty consistent beach break comparatively speaking. Since there are many peaks, the wave holds a crowd. Chame Banks is located in front of the beachfront development of Playa Caracol. Playa Caracol is an hour and a half from Panama City and offers a wide variety of beachfront real estate. Under development in Playa Caracol are several new amenities, beachfront duplexes, and a beachfront hotel. 

Beachfront Condo in Playa Caracol, walks onto Chame Banks. 

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 Another nice feature at Chame Banks is the amenities. Only a few waves on Panama’s Pacific coast have a beach bar, restaurant, showers, and shaded areas. For those who wish to use the facilities and private parking, a day pass can be purchased at the Chame Surf Shack. 

Surfing in Coronado Panama 

Playa Coronado Panama is home to Playa Serena a right-handed point break inside the gated Coronado community. That being said, the beach is public, so anyone can access the wave. Playa Serena is a great beach for families with shaded areas (from the buildings) in the afternoon. The wave is long and typically smaller than other surf breaks, making it great for kids most days!  While the point is rocky, typically the inside area is a sandy bottom. With several sections there are lots of take-off points, giving the wave the capacity to hold a crowd.