The start of rainy season in Panama

Monday, April 4th, 2022 brought heavy rains throughout Panama with thunderstorms in the Pacific Coast area from 3:00 p.m. onwards. And with that, the start to rain season in Panama is seemingly here.

The First rain and the start of the rainy season in Panama is the beginning of April, as the season changes there is less wind and more bugs.  As the ground is hard from the dry season there is typically a risk of flooding. With flooding, any garbage that has been disposed of improperly in coastal regions and near rivers gets washed into the ocean through rivers and streams. 

The start of the rainy season is an important time for beach cleanups in Panama. By collecting plastic that has been left behind items like masks and flip-flops, we can help it from getting washed into the ocean and becoming a danger to marine life. 

This is also an important time to be cautious of our own water quality, and be cautious of flooding in areas that are susceptible. 

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) maintains a surveillance notice for rains and storms in the country, which are expected this week. This notice is valid until April 7 next.

Among the areas under this alert are: Bocas del Toro, Chiriquí, Veraguas, Ngäbe Buglé region, Los Santos, Herrera, Coclé, West Panama, Panama, Darién, Emberá Wounaan region, Colón, Guna Yala region, and maritime mountainous sectors of the Caribbean and Panamanian Pacific.

Through a statement, Sinaproc forecasted the sudden flooding of rivers and possible urban flooding in vulnerable areas. It is important to note what the forecast is like when visiting rivers and waterfalls as the water level can raise unexpectedly.