Selina: From Playa Venao to Wall Street

Selina, an alternative hotel chain marketing to digital nomads started with 2 hotels and 250 beds. In 7 years they’ve grown to 35,000 beds in 140 locations among 23 countries. How did they do it?

Rafael Museri, CEO of Selina, told press that the keys to success is to focus on the product and the target market and not be afraid of making mistakes.

In Panama, Selina already has 5 hotels: Playa Venao, Playa Venao River, Bocas del Toro, Kalu Yala and Casco Viejo.

This year they will open in Boquete, Santa Catalina, and El Valle. 

“Selina is the first global lifestyle brand for Millennials and Gen Z people, we identified that there was a huge lack of a specific hotel product in the existing global market: 95% of the hotels in the world are built for the generations before those and the new generations constitute around 45% of the current market”.

- Rafael Museri, CEO of Selina,

This year the company will go public with the merger with BOA Acquisition Corp. 

The expectation is that they will enter the New York Stock Exchange in the middle of this year and the company will be valued at more than 1,2 million dollars. 

According to La Prensa the company obtained financing from more than five investment rounds. raising up to 340 million dollars so far.