Casa Swell a new boutique hotel in Coronado

Casa Swell is a boutique hotel in Coronado Panama offering a large pool, oversized day beds for sun tanning, and a large bar with swings for chairs! It’s the details that make this place.

That, and the fact that it’s only 350m from the best beach in Coronado. 

The Hotel at Casa Swell 

With only 4 rooms the hotel operates differently than your average Panama beach hotel. Casa Swell was designed this way so they could focus on service and provide a unique experience for their guests. 

Their goal is to help their guests get the most out of their stay in Coronado Panama. It’s by connecting people with the best the community has to offer, from Surf lessons to authentic local Panamanian food, that Casa Swell has made its mark. 

That being said, when you arrive at Casa Swell, exploring Coronado, might be the last thing on your mind... because everything you need is inside the walls of Casa Swell. 

All four rooms offer air conditioning, hot water, a ceiling fan, and a private terrace. The bed are custom-designed lighted-floating beds complete with high-end orthopedic mattresses and high count cotton sheets. The property is full of teak wood and modern vintage tiles. These are the details that make Casa Swell stand out.