Historic weekend for Panamanian Surfing

This weekend Tao Rodríguez won gold in El Salvador, in the Junior category of the ALAS Pro of Punta Roca 2021!! This is the first time Panama has won gold, a huge congrats to Tao for bringing it home.

Tao Rodríguez wins the 2021 ALAS Junior Continental Champion

The victory came in Surf City, where the ALAS Pro Tour closed the 2021 season of the Circuit of the Latin American Association of Professional Surfers (ALAS). 

Oli Camarena takes third in the Open Category

In this same event, his compatriot Oli Camarena took third place in the Open category, which places him in fifth place in the ALAS 2021 Circuit. This leaves him in an advantageous position, for direct classification to the 2023 Pan American Games, which is a feeder event for The Paris games in 2024. 

But there’s more... 

Izzy Elizondo places second in Maui surf content

Panamanian Isauro Izzy Elizondo was in the spotlight, but in another part of the world, Hawaii! Finishing second in a regional event on the Island of Maui, Hawaii, was a huge win for Izzy, who has been training there for three months.

Kelly Prada & Luis Calderon win the Panama Longboard Classic 

The event aimed at growing the community of longboarders in Panama brought together a group of the country’s best longboarders in Playa Chame for two days of surfing & beach activities!