Fundación Nueva Vida

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” Fundación Nueva Vida is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering care to the eldery.

They thrive in knowing people living in the community have the resources and care they need to live a joyful and dignified life.

We spoke with Administrator, Beatriz Grando about Fundación Nueva Vida to find out more about this growing community in Panama Pacifico. 

The History of Fundación Nueva Vida

Fundación Nueva Vida began as a simple act of kindness. On December 20th, 1989 in the heat of the U.S. Invasion of Panama, a group of elderly residents in the community of Chorrillo lost their homes and belongings. 

To help shelter them, a group of individuals transformed a military pavilion of the Defence Forces in the canal zone into a temporary home. 

The following year, by the hand of Sister Geraldine Brake, who still offers her spiritual guidance to elderly folks today, created what would become one of Panama’s most complete elderly care communities.  

About the facility Fundación Nueva Vida

Located in Panama Pacifico since 2000, Fundación Nueva Vida is a large community made up of three pavilions connected by green-space and ecological areas.

Over the years the community has become home to many people from all walks of life, with a wide range of needs. For this reason, the foundation offers various types of accommodations from apartments with parking for those who are mobile and independent, to private and shared rooms. 

The average age of residents at the home is 83, while some entered earlier or others later in their life, what is clear is that those who are living in the community have a range of needs, these needs, which may change over the course of their stay, will continue to be met. The facility is set up to make these transitions smoothly. 

Fundación Nueva Vida accommodations 

Building 1 Mariposas - With a capacity of 55 bed this building offers shared roomed for independent residents  (2 people in each room) and common bathrooms; and there is a physiotherapy room. 

Building 2 Mirador - The building is home to bedridden residents, with a capacity of 40 beds; There is a pavilion with 25 beds; an air-conditioned nursing room for bedridden patients, with a capacity of 6 beds; plus two rooms with 4 beds each. In addition, a room for residents in the terminal phase.
Building 3 - is made up of 20 apartments, for independent residents.

*Currently, the home is in need of help to improve 15 of these rooms which require improvements to be livable, as well as roof repairs. To help with this the foundation is seeking donations. They can be made to Funcacion Nueva Vida Banco General Cuenta Corriente #03-02-01-001831-0

Fundación Nueva Vida services 

All residents have access to 24/7 assistance, access to hospitals, specialists, and physical therapists. Beyond the physical structure, the home was built to help the elderly enjoy this final stage of their lives to the fullest, with the best care and company. 

Beatriz explains “the objective is to provide an enjoyable experience for the elderly in every way.” Not only through proper physiotherapy, hygiene, and nutritional care but also and through providing a fun environment with games like bingo and social opportunities and trips to cultural spaces like museums. 

The foundation is also connected with the University of Panama bringing doctors and students to the home to offer information and guidance on nutrition and aging to the community, meanwhile, creating hands-on experience for Panama’s next generation.

Nutritionists from the University of Panama, and UDELAS students who offer physiotherapy practices in the home are an integral part to the community along with nurses, gerontologists, physiotherapy technicians, physiotherapists, a psychiatrist, and caregivers. 

The foundation is constantly training employees and working to make alliances that offer occupational and cognitive therapy for residents especially those with dementia. 

Final Words from the administrator of Fundación Nueva Vida


With a growing community of aging individuals, we need a plan to help support these people as they enter into this final stage of life, Beatriz told us. Fundación Nueva Vida is striving to be the best option. 

By offering daily physiotherapy service, 24/7 ambulance, laundry, cognitive and occupational therapy such as crafts, music, painting, and more the residence is truly an all-encompassing approach to assist the elderly in living out their lives to the fullest. 

Finally, the Foundation has alliances with the Santo Tomas Hospital for the care of residents without social security. Their objective is to offer support for those who anyone who needs it, by providing a safe environment to drop roots and flourish in a final stage of life. 

For more information on Fundación Nueva Vida you can contact Beatriz Grando at (507) 6949-4510 or by email at