Playa Community Beach Cleanup

December 3rd, 2021 join Playa Community for a beach cleanup leaving from Playa Serena at 8:00 a.m. While beach cleanups alone might not be the answer to plastic pollution, they are a great tool!

Beach cleanups in Panama are helpful for collecting data, raising awareness, and connecting the community. 

Local Beach cleanups have made big impacts in the Bay of Chame, helping clean mangrove ecosystems and shoreline homes to nesting turtles and a variety of marine life. Picking up a few items every time you are outside, could save wildlife from becoming entangled in the trash. A few people can change the landscape of a beach, river, or stream in a couple of hours.

While beach cleanups may seem like a small drop in an ocean of plastic, they are vital in making us aware that

nothing we throw away really goes away. 

By gaining information on plastic items that are littering our shorelines, and negatively affecting wildlife and coastal communities, we can make informed decisions on the products we choose to consume. 

By making a list of the trash collected from the beach or even trash collected in your home healthier choices (for the earth & ourselves) reveal themselves. While it may take time to find alternatives and change our habits, making changes in our daily to reduce our dependence on single-use plastics, creates change. 

Here are five reasons to support local beach cleanups in Panama

1. Collect data from beach cleanups in Panama

Like many parts of the world, the things you’ll find washed up in the bay of Panama include toothbrushes, tampon applicators, lighters, and water bottles and flip-flops. With each cleanup, we do a plastic audit to find alternatives to the plastic things we’ve found washed up that we use in our daily lives. 

2. Involve the next generation 

Beach cleanups that are centered around educating the next generation on plastic pollution can change our daily habits because our kids keep us accountable! And let’s face it, how we teach them to consume, will have a huge impact on the future of their environment. By involving the next generation we encourage them to create habits from a young age that have a positive impact. This awareness will spread through generations to come and hopefully rub off on us too!

3. You recognize that it is time for a change.

Many people living in the beach communities of Panama have already cut out plastic bags, bottles, and straws. As Panama created legislation moving in this direction (eliminating plastic bags), it was a small step, and there is a lot more we can do in our individual lives.

If you recognize this privilege of access to alternatives to single-use plastics, knowledge on how to make products at home and reduce our impact on the earth, you probably want to find ways to make these eco-options more accessible. 

Great here’s my solutions! Lets ban together and share our knowledge and resources to create change in our daily lives and community. 

Stick with me... 

4. Create a chain reaction 

If you have already stopped using plastic bags, plastic toothbrushes, and plastic water bottles you are already saving tons of plastic from entering the ocean! By encouraging others to join you on your plastic free journey you are educating their friends and family too —it creates a chain reaction - that’s the key to big change! 

You can also create this chain reaction in yourself! By noticing where single-use plastic remains in your life, and working to eliminate it. Little by little, you will find ways to reduce your impact on the environment. 

5. A breath of fresh air 

Going to the beach makes you feel good.

Finally, doesn’t it feel GOOD to get outside? A study by Sage Environment showed that people feel more connected when they join community events. Get outside and breathe some fresh air, connect with others and do good things! 

Join us for a beach cleanup in Coronado Panama

So while beach cleanups alone wont rid the ocean of plastic and trash, they will indefinitely increase awareness about pollution and educate individuals to take action in their daily life. Overall, we feel beach cleanups are a worthy cause to bring people together to focus on the environment and learn how we can we can protect it! 

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