Art at Coronado Frame & Foto

Stop in at Coronado Frame and Foto located Ricon del Chef Plaza in Coronado, this month to see artwork by Panamanian artist Margaret Amar and batiks by Judy Fears’.

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November Artist’s on the walls at Coronado Frame & Foto 

Margaret Amar 

Margaret Amar mixes Cubism and Surrealism in her works, which all have a very indigenous theme. Her geometric labyrinth is built with colorful planes that remind us of Pop Art. Margaret’s transit through cubism and abstraction is unlike anything we’ve seen come through the shop. 

While it’s is not news that many artists bet on this formula,  Margaret synthesizes it by expressing her personal experiences, incorporating figurations with great prudence and control. In some of her paintings, there are landscapes of Panama City, sea, palm trees, and buildings, integrated into her abstract cubism combining two themes in a single composition.

"My work can bring you joy, balance and sobriety, characteristics of me. Painting transports me to another dimension in which I find myself, and I find deep love and gratitude to my creator." - Margaret Amar

Judy Fears´ 

Judy Fears´ is a Batiks artist who was born in the Canal Zone and uses Panama’s incredible natural world as inspiration for her work. Judy Fears has been doing Batik Art in Panama for 30 years and has some great insight into the art, and Panama. 

Batik is the art of decorating cloth using wax and dye. The method of Batik has been practiced for centuries. To make a batik, areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing hot wax over them and then dying the cloth.

Batik is an ancient tradition originating in Java, Indonesia, where some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made. The word batik originates from the Javanese tik, and means to dot.