Help mini Mike get to the World Cup of Surfing

Mike Alejandro Prada Peña better known as "Mini Mike", is a 12-year-old Venezuelan surfer who grew up surfing in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Help him achieve his goal of reaching the World Cup of surfing.

 If you know Mini Mike you know he is going to be a great surfer. Not only at the ripe age of 12 he is absolutely shredding - he’s always having fun. Beyond that, mini mike is up to share the stoak with other kids who are just starting out in the sport. 

This year, Mini Mike won the Bi-Championship in the Sub 12/14 Categories and the Sub Championship in Sub 16 of the Panamanian Youth Surfing Circuit Discovering Surfing Talents.

Now he’s looking to get to the following events coming up this year and next. To get there he needs your help. 

- the ALAS Latin Tour El Salvador

- South American Children’s and Youth Surfing Cartagena 2021

- The World ISA (International Surfing Association) Junior 2022 in El Salvador 

Help him get there!