Caelo Beach Restaurant

Caelo Beach Restaurant is a gastro experience not to be missed when visiting the Pacific Beaches of Panama. Located inside the gated community of Punta Caelo in San Carlos, reservations are required.

The Chefs behind Caelo Beach Restaurant 

If anything can make a restaurant good it’s the chef, and this place has two of the best. Jose Carles and Erasmo Bosquez are the head chefs at Caelo Beach Restaurant, and the masterminds behind an ever-evolving locally inspired menu. 

While José is spending more time out at the beach, cooking up a storm at Caelo Beach Restaurant, he’s a bit of a globetrotter. José studied and worked in Australia for two years, going through the kitchens of the renowned Icebergs and Attica restaurants, which at that time was number 21 on the list of 50 Best Restaurants. When he landed back in Panama he took the restaurant industry by storm with Donde José in Panama City, later opening Fonda Lo Que Hay, which made the list of the 50 Best Discoveries in 2021.

 For his part, Erasmo, in addition to being a fundamental part of all Chef Carles’ projects, has been head chef at the 5inco and BaoDai restaurants. He also accumulated international experience working at the renowned Mexican restaurant Pujol.

The Food at Caelo Beach Restaurant 

With a shared goal of contributing to the research and development of Panamanian gastronomy, José & Erasmo continue to experiment and think outside the box inside the kitchen. This think-tank style of cooking using local ingredients, along with a wide range of authentic influences and cooking techniques, is the foundation of all José’s projects and perhaps one of many things that makes them so successful.  

While the food at Caelo Beach Restaurant might be what you’d expect from a good beach restaurant (a heavy amount of fresh seafood, including lobster, prawns and the catch of the day) it’s the attention to detail, the untraditional twist, that that little bit of smokey flavor, that will keep you coming back! 

Among the dishes not to be missed right now at Caelo Beach Restaurant: 
- the Lobster Roll with pickled Mamon Chino (a local fruit), 
- the spicy fried chicken sandwich! 
- If you have a sweet tooth be sure to try the green plantain churros! 

For what’s fresh check their Instagram below! 

The Atmosphere at Caelo Beach Restaurant 

Located in the social area of Punta Caelo a private beach community, Caelo Beach restaurant offers an intimate but casual beachfront dining experience. With indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the thoughtfully designed social area of Punta Caelo and the Pacific Ocean, no matter where you are seated you’ll feel tucked away in a private resort. 

With friendly attentive servers, knowledgeable not only of the menu but also the key ingredients, and the best way to enjoy each dish, the atmosphere is unmatched. 

Reservations at Caelo Beach Restaurant 

While the restaurant is open to the public, there are limited seatings so reservations are a must! To reserve Text/Call (507) 6105-9826 


Monday-Tuesday Closed

Wednesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm

Friday 12 pm to 10 pm

Saturday Breakfast from 9 am to 11:30 then 12 pm to 10 pm

Sunday 9 am to 11:30 then 12 pm to 6 pm