Schools in Coronado Panama

There are 4 international schools that teach primarily in English in Panama’s Pacific beach communities, they are located in Coronado, Gorgona, Santa Clara, and Buenaventura.

Private Schools in Coronado Panama: 

*While instruction is primarily in English the Ministry of Education states that two classes (Spanish & Social studies) must be taught in Spanish. 

1. Coronado International School, Coronado. 

2. Panama Coast International School, Gorgona.

3. Five Stars Academy, Santa Clara 

4. The Creating Center, Buenaventura.

The Cost of Private School in Coronado Panama:

The average cost of a private school in the Pacific Beaches of Panama is approximately $3000 - $4000 a year depending on the age of the child and the school. Admissions fees (one-time payment at the beginning of the year) range from $300 - $1000 per year. See websites for an exact tuition rate based on age. Some schools also offer a discount if you enroll multiple children. 

The School year in Panama: 

All four private schools near Coronado Panama run on a North American school year. This means class at the end of August and ends in June, with 2 weeks of holidays in December/January. 

While each school has its own methodology, they all offer an accredited curriculum allowing students to accumulate Panamanian credits and/or graduate with a High School Certificate recognized in Canada or the U.S. 

Transportation to schools in Coronado

Transportation in Coronado Panama: 

While a few of the schools have a bus, the majority of parents seem to use carpooling to get their kids to and from school. When you are deciding on a school that suits your child’s needs, it is a good question to ask if there is transport available, or a WhatsApp group where you can join a carpool. 

After-school Activities in Coronado Panama: 

Most schools do offer a wide range of activities, from sports like soccer to the more extreme like surfing. As schools return from a year of virtual, these activities are starting to come back. 

Covid-19 regulations in schools in Panama:

*As of Oct 11, 2021 

Currently, there is a mask mandate in all schools in Panama. Students of all ages are required to wear a mask at all times in school (unless eating). The same is required of staff & parents on the premises. 

Right now private schools in Panama are on a blended program offering both in-person and virtual classes. All of the International schools listed above are offering both in-person and virtual for families who prefer to remain online.