Read this before renting a car in Panama

If you are visiting Panama you are probably thinking about renting a car in Panama City. Renting a car in Panama is a great idea, it gives you access to many authentic experiences Panama is known for.

 But driving in Panama can also be stressful. Navigating Panama City during peak traffic could be enough to make you question your sanity. With options like Uber, reliable safe taxis, and public transit, you actually don’t even need a car in Panama City! 

So, here is the ultimate Panama car rental hack. 

Rent a car in Coronado, not Panama City. 

- By renting a car in Coronado Panama, you can skip Panama City driving and the most confusing part of the PanAmerican Highway. Once you are out of the city, navigating MUCH is easier. 

- While it looks like you are getting a deal at first, the major car rental companies in Panama like Thrifty, Budget, and Dollar do not include liability insurance in their prices. SO, while paying with your credit card could lower the price of collision coverage, the liability insurance is always out of pocket. This means the minimum you will pay at the airport is about $30/day for something like a Kia Picanto. It is a pretty standard rate and is not a bad option if you want a car at the airport. 


Rental Car services in Coronado Panama like Active Auto Coronado offer full service pick up in Panama City from Tocumen Airport or your hotel to Coronado, Panama. Rent a full-size 4x4 SUV for just $40/ day. 

If you are flying into the Scarlet Martinez airport in Rio Hato Active Auto Coronado offers free transport to Coronado, Panama, or vehicle drop-off if you are heading to Buenaventura, Boquete, Playa Venao, or beyond.

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