Get to know the faces behind Fermetum

Karina and Mariam, health lovers and world explorers have taken a dive into the world of fermentation, creating small-batch fermented products prepared with quality ingredients and a lot of love.

With a common passion for healthy living Karina and Mariam began exploring the world of fermentation, in an effort to create natural immune boosters like Kombucha and K-fir de aqua for their own families. 

This exploration lead to a greater curiosity that did not stop even after developing mouth-watering Peach Kombucha and K-fir de aqua which is super refreshing!

Karina and Mariam, continued their journey taking things a step further developing Their own "Resolio-Mix."

 RESOLEOMICS was originally developed by Professor Charles Nicholas Serhan, PhD, of Harvard University. Serhan explains that inflammation allows immune cells to travel to the affected area and produce a response where the tissue can be optimally repaired. The correct way to manage inflammation is not by stopping it, but by modulating it. 

Resolio-Mix, made from fresh herbs, does exactly that, by using a mix of herbs that help to modulate inflammation naturally. What’s more, is that it tastes amazing! You can marinate your favorite meats, make a spiced butter, spread, or "chimichurri" sauce as a side for your meals. 

Today (July 29th, 2021) is the first day that orders can be made by DM to @fermentumpty or WhatsApp: 6672-4299. Since these products are made in a small-batch artisanal way, be sure to get your order in while supplies last!