Mangrove reforestation in Chame Panama

1800 red mangroves were planted in the reforestation of a one-hectare area of land in the district of Chame Panama, as part of an effort to reforest and conserve Panama’s mangrove ecosystem.

Cándida Jackson, head of the Costa y Mares section of the Panama Oeste regional Ministry of the Environment, highlighted the importance of conserving and caring for mangroves in Panama. 

Mangroves are an important protective barrier in coastal areas preventing erosion, flooding, and extreme climatic effects that affect the communities that live near the coasts.

Carlos Moreno, head of the Bahía de Chame Mangrove Multiple Use Protected Area, explained that the red mangrove species, which were planted, have been strongly impacted by logging as a raw material for the production of charcoal.

MIAMBIENTE officials participated in this reforestation day, with the support of units of the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN).