New Garbage Service in Coronado

Having trouble with your garbage pick-up in Coronado, Panama? Read this helpful information provided by Louise of Coronado’s Social Association to find out how to get registered with the new company.

According to Louise’s What’s Up! July 23, 2021 email, Eco Services is the company currently authorized to pick up trash in Coronado, and Limasa is currently not picking up garbage. 

Eco Services office in Coronado Panama

Ave. Roberto Eisenman, in the JJ center complex (the old Him center).
Their phone number is 240-3577 or 6377-8461 and their email is

Registering for Garbage pick up in Coronado Panama

You need to register in person.

You must fill in the numbered application form, once done, they will inform you on which days you will have service. The cost is $12 per month with a 3 day a week pick-up service. Days will vary depending on your location.  

The next step is to deposit your payment through Global Bank, to: 

Eco Services Panama, 

Checking account (cuenta corriente) no. 42 - 101 - 00140 - 3

Send them an email to let them know that you have deposited the funds and a copy of the deposit slip if you went directly to the bank.  

What information do you need to provide to set up garbage pick up in Coronado with Eco Services 


Cedula no.

Where you live - they have a map on the wall that you can check and color coordination that will tell you the collection days

(Las Lajas is the area of Chame Coronado is located in) 

They do ask for more details about your home, i.e. color, fencing, etc. to allow for better visualization for the trucks.

NOTE: The lady at the desk does not speak English nor does the other gentleman on-site, so... you may want to bring a friend if you have questions.

Here is a picture of the forms that need to be filled out: 

If you want to receive useful information like this directly to your email along with events happening locally in Coronado Panama, email The annual cost of a subscription is just $10 and it comes with some great social events!